post-list shortcode

I have a page which shows the contents of my blog by post name. I would like to put the list in two or maybe three colums if there is room. The code I am using is as follows:

[one_half][/one_half]Here is a list of all posts from the earliest to the latest.
[posts-list style=“ol” date_format=FALSE sort=“asc”]

How would I be able to get the output in this page in two or three columns?

Thanks very much!

I’ve learned some things. I switched to Display Posts Shortcode and realize I can create two columns with the following shortcode

[one_half][display-posts wrapper=“ol” date_format=FALSE sort=“asc” id=“3517, 3523”][/one_half]
[one_half][display-posts wrapper=“ol” date_format=FALSE sort=“asc” id=“3007, 3752”][/one_half]

I am wondering if I do this for the posts I have, and then use

[one_half][display-posts wrapper=“ol” date_format=FALSE sort=“asc”][/one_half]

will it continue to display the NEW posts.
I am working on this at

Hi @edbyrnes,

Did you manage to do it at the end?



No Christian,
Thanks for asking, I haven’t done it yet. The page lists all my posts as if it is a contents page but I would like it to divide the list in half and display two columns which are automatically added to as new posts are written. I’m learning though and am in the process of creating a travelify-child directory with its own style.css and I will also create a php file in the directory. I think what I want to do can be done in php, so I am looking at that.
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Hi @edbyrnes,

You could take a look also here:

It could help you in finding the correct file to edit.



Yes, this could help, especially the functions.php file. I did create a directory for the child of Travelify and copied the style.css to the folder and put in a simple functions.php. Then I was fairly well stuck into getting my website back to what it was, putting the header image back in etc. I gave up for the time being but will begin again. Thanks!

Nice job edbyrnes,

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