Post overlapping on iPhone for Pinbin theme

ok. I’m officially the most annoying pinbin user ever. I think I messed up the code on the style sheet because now the site looks crazy on my iphone! all my posts and featured images are overlapping! what should I do?

Hmm… i see that. I guess you should start over because I have no idea how you managed to get it done

yes, I fixed it. any feedback on the logo issue? that’s the only thing that’s not quite right. what is the optimal width?

It does look ok on Android (Galaxy S4) but I am not sure what would work for iPhone. I would recommend to play around numbers until it works properly. I know that it can be done but can’t give you an exact size. Sorry about that.

Hi, I really like this theme but I have just checked my website on my mobile phone and it overlays the posts on top of one another slightly and over the footer so it looks wrong. Can you help?

I am aware of this issue and I am working on a fix for that. Will be available in the next theme version.

Btw, when you open any page and go back or click on the logo everything works just fine.

Love your theme! Thanks a lot! And thanks for the perfect fix for the look of single posts on mobile phones! I use your theme for a soon to be made public campaign website. Your theme is just perfect for that purpose!

Thank you for your outstanding feedback! :slight_smile:

I hope you wouldn’t mind to review/rate this theme on

This would help me a lot!

I would be grateful if you could test if posts still overlap on mobile on my theme demo:

Hi Aigars, your demo sight looks just fine on my iPhone. The posts don’t overlap. Do you know when the next version will go live? Thanks, love the theme!

I found a solution for that. It will be available via next theme version which will be available in the next few days.

It is already resolved in Pinbin 1.4.7, please make sure you are running the latest theme version.