Post purchased license for free template

Good morning,

I have a question about licensing my web. The thing is that I first downloaded a free copy of Phozogy template and worked with it until I was done and knew I want to license it. So I bought a license just now but it gave me download for the same template again. But I have already worked with the free download and I need to keep the file.

My concern is that the file I worked with has somehow marked inside that it is the free copy and I can get into trouble for removing the Colorlib reference even tho I bought a license later on.

Is it the case or do I not have to worry about it? If it is, is there any way to resolve this issue? (Like copying some license file into it or something)

Thank you,

Hi David

Well, actually license means you are purchasing rights to remove the credits from the theme, all the files are the same, you are just purchasing rights to hide footer credits :slight_smile:
So, all you need to do now is to remove footer credits from the theme