Post: Text not shown

Dear Colorlib:
I am using your Sparkling Theme and I have to say you that I LOVE IT!!! Thank you very much for creating and sharing it!

But I have some problems I do not know how to solve.

  1. My posts are not viewing correctly. It only appears the Featured Image and the title, but not the main text and the sidebar on the right.

  2. Featured image is NOT appearing when showing PAGES.

  3. If using some of Sparkling widgets (as for example Popular Posts), below it, nothing else is beeing shown: no more widgets, no more area widgets (footer).

And I have a question. Which is the recomended size to use a logo on header instead of Header Text in order not to make bigger header?

Can you please help me with this?

Thanks a lot in advance and regards,


Thank you for your kind words! We really appreciate it!

Could you please post your website URL? This can’t be theme related problem but I would still have a look what is going on with website and how it is customized.

Thank you for your answer!

Custom header (logo) size is already mentioned when you upload it

Suggested width is 300 pixels. Suggested height is 76 pixels.

But of course, if you have dozens of menu items, your logo should be even smaller because there will still not be enough room for everything.

Since you edited your original post I have a hard time to follow it.

  • Featured images are not shown for Pages and that’s expected behavior they are created for Posts.

Please reinstall the theme because you have either removed something crucial form theme files or it was broken once you installed. None of the customizations done via Theme Options will be lost.

Dear Aigars,

I have DELETE the Theme and Install it again.

I have still the same problem…

Thanks for your helping and regards,


Then disable completely all plugins and scripts and see if it does anything.

If not, check what your hostings error log has to say about this behavior. I see that content.php file is not being loaded properly and there must be something that block it but it hard to see without error log in place.

Dear Aigars,
I have disable all plugins and when enabling the one by one, discover that the one creating the problem is qTranslate.
As we need the website in different languages, can you please recomend which pluggint to use?
Thanks in advance and regards,

It can’t be qTranslate alone and there must be some misconfiguration with widgets or something.

Default option for WordPress translations is always the WPML plugins. It is so much better than anything else in the market. It might be pricing but it is worth it.