Post title

I would like the title of the posts to be in that position

how I can do it?

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IM sorry to say but this is not optional and without customization this is not possible to achieve
Colorlib Support Team

oh really?

I want same this:

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Well, now im feel confused little bit :slight_smile: you are asking about default style? i guess its default layout and no need anything extra to achieve this layout, (this is simple page) if im wrong please give me a more details :slight_smile:

I removed the title that was above with this code:

#header {
    padding: 10px 0;
	display: none;

When I put the code, the title of the post disappears.

Hi @flaviajackelinep

Sorry but not clearly understand what is your problem, you started with a different question :slight_smile:
Can you tell me what is your goal now? yes, i understand the title is removed from the css code but what now? where is your question? please also include page url

I want the secondary title, but it does not appear.
I looked in CSS and it does not have any code removing it.

Here I had to write the title in the page text:


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Please remove that CSS so that I can see the element you were trying to remove and provide CSS that targets the title itself and not the container.

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If I remove the CSS, it will still not appear the secondary title. I have removed all CSS and it does not appear.

I would like the secondary title to appear. The rest is ok for me.


By default there is a title in the blog post, something like this, but I couldn’t able to find it in your website, you have any child theme or edited the code to remove the title?

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I remove this code {
display: none;
} blog post

I dont want title in this pages;