Posts Not Updating on Mobile Device

I just published a post to my wordpress blog and for some reason, the post isn’t showing up on my mobile device. However, it is showing up on a desktop.

  1. The Site is organized to display latest post but yet this latest post is not the one that shows up at the top of my home page.
  2. The blog post does not show up on my mobile device. I need to be sure that all posts show up on all devices. Please help.

I’ve already tried :
Deleting the cache on Wordpress
Deleting Cache on Chrome (browser that I’m using)

Neither of those worked so please don’t suggest those.

Please help !

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
Is this already fixed? i can see every post on small screen devices

Colorlib Support Team

I have the SAME exact issue again.
I just spent time creating a blog post and published it and it is not showing up on the home page on mobile devices.
I am able to see the post from my laptop but the post does not show up on my home page or in the top slider on the home page.

However- If I click the category for the topic on my mobile device, the post shows up there.
I have the settings to display more recent posts at the top of home page and I’m not sure why that’s happening.
I’ve already cleared the cache.
Help Please!

Hi there

I need to see it but everything is normally visible for me, please try again to create a new post and create one screenshot