Primary menu not displaying


I have added a primary menu with items that are pages on the site, but it does not show. When I shrink the screen, I can see the hamburger icon but if I click on it, there are no options being displayed either. The site is:

Please help me!

hey there

if I’m not wrong you don’t have any menu added to your header, please add menu and try again :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for your reply! I have added the Menu by going to Appearances > Menus and creating a primary menu (see screenshot). What else do I need to do?

If I go to Appearances > Header, I cannot see any option to add a menu.

I think the menu is enabled because if I shrink the screen, I get the hamburger icon in the header. However, if I click on it, nothing happens. And if the screen is large, no menu is displayed.

I’m sorry, I just realised that I had some additional CSS to hide the menu!


Ok, thanks for updating us :slight_smile: