Problem in customizing

Hello sir i have purchased a theme whose name is “publishing company” i am facing problem in customizing it, there is feature image on the home page but that image is not visible in my mobile device. I am attaching its screenshot so you can see.

Hi there,

Yes, it’s currently hidden on mobile devices, but as this is an HTML template, you can easily reveal it by adding some inline minimum height properties to the element.


plz provide me code still i am unable to reveal that image in mobile device.
plz share the code.


Hey there

Here we go:

.col-md-6.img.img-3.d-flex.justify-content-center.align-items-center {
    min-height: 550px;

Let me know results

Thanks ! it is solve, if there is any need in future then we hope that we will get full support.

Hey there,

Sure, you can contact us anytime you need.

Thanks and have a great day.