Problem updating the products in cart - Fashe theme

I’m using the Fashe theme in Shopify and discovered an issue with the “cart” page: when the customer decreases or increases the product quantity and clicks on the “update” button, instead of remaining on the cart page and refreshing the quantity, it takes directly to the next page of the check-out.
Can anyone help me understand why is this happening and how to fix the issue?
Thank you!

May I take a look? please provide link to the page with problem

Password: Zappmobile85

“Actualizeaza” is the “update cart” button, and when you press it it asks you to create the account or login. Once you’ve logged in, it takes you to the order details page instead of refreshing the cart page.


I am having the exact same problem as described above, please can you help me fix this?


Hey there

Sorry about that guys, are you using the latest version of the theme? please check and do an update if you are not on the latest version

I’m on version: FASHE (VERSION 1.0.0)

is this the most recent, if not how do I update?


I’m on V2, but just downloaded and tested V3 and the issue persists. Can you please check?

please can you tell me how I update? if the issue gets resolved then I will need to do an update

thank you

Hey there

Im sorry guys, this problem was already reported, unfortunately im useless to add anything to this, developer sill fix it in future updates of the theme, please take my apologies on this matter

Thank you for your answer! Do you have an estimate of when the next version will be available?

I have the same mistake, do you know an estimated date for the next version?

Thank you and best regards!

Guys, sorry about that, developers are notified on this problem and they will fix in future updates, so sorry about it :frowning: