Problem when buying a license

Hello everyone
Unfortunately I learned by the hard way
I used one of the templates and removed the rights and put my name which led to the suspension of the site, now Want to buy a license and correct my mistake but unfortunately I could not buy
When i try to buy this message comes (Billing State / County is a required field. )
Please help me I’m in a very embarrassing situation.

Hi Omer. I can’t speak to the issue regarding the purchase of the template, as I do not work for ColorLib. However, I came across a tutorial this evening looking for something else entirely. I saw your post and thought it might help you to get your site back to being functional, at least until someone can help you with the purchase. I do hope this tutorial will assist you in correcting that 403 htaccess error. Good luck. ?

Hi Mr.jersr97 and thanks a lot for your support , unfortunately i just used a static site , only html + css code , i didn’t install WP.

Hi again. My apologies. I saw .htaccess and automatically thought WP. Have you attempted to possibly re-download the html template and grab the footer code from there and reinsert it into the template? That’s the only other thing I could think of at this time, other than checking to make sure the write permissions are correct for the .htaccess file. One would think that inserting the code that possibly broke it would also fix it. Hopefully, someone from here will be able to help u with the purchase of the license either way. I hope you have a good weekend and also that maybe one of the above suggestions might help. ? Truly apologize if none of this helps. Just trying to help. ?

I wonder if I said “help” enough there at the end. Geez. I think it’s bed time. ???

Hey there

Omer, for the first problem, the message says you have to add country and billing in the form, no form will be processed without this,
secondly, regarding the forbidden message, get in touch with your hosting about it