Problem with child theme logo and social menu

Good morning,
I installed the child theme in this topic because I wanter the menu below the logo:

and now I have the menu below the logo but the custom logo is not showing. There’s a special CSS that I have to add to achieve this?
Also, once I installed the child theme, the social menu is displayed on the top of the website AND in the footer. I want it to be only in the footer, if it’s possibile…

The site is this one:

Thank you
Have a nice day

Hey there

What do you mean the custom logo is not working? as I can see you have logo added it’s on the left side but it’s working, let me know what exactly is your problem


The custom logo is not showing. As you can see in the image I attached (sorry I’m on mobile right now) it’s showing only the blog title, not the image I upload as custom logo.

The other question regarding the social menu, I have circled it in green in the same image. Once I installed the child theme, the social menu is showing also in the header, but I want it only in the footer, as it is in the parent theme.

I hope I explained better the problems

Good morning
I really need to fix the problem with the custom logo. It is very important that the logo appear in the header.
Could you please help me?