Problem with featured images on pages


I have two problems:

  1. Whenever I create a page with a featured image for the slider, this recent page appears on the principal menu with the name “#ID (no title)” and I can’t figure out how to hide those pages.

This is my website: (those pages have as top-level “inicio”, I put them there just to hide them relatively)

  1. How do i remove the footer “Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress”?, I want to change it. I’ve been looking for a answer in older topics but i’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work.

Thank you!



Sorry for late response. Just returned from vacation.

  1. Because you don’t have any title selected therefore WordPress (not theme) uses ID to structure your content and pull from database the right Post/Page when needed. All information is stored inside MySQL database and WordPress needs to know what to display and nothing can be blank because entries must be unique inside database with their IDs.
    Use proper Titles for those Pages and you will be ready to go.
    Your mentioned “inicio” top menu can be excluded from menu if you don’t need it. For more information how to use WordPress Custom Menus you can follow this tutorials.

  2. Related theme code can be found in footer-extensions.php file that you can find in travelify folder >> library >> structure.

Let me know if this helps.