Problem with images in page and post

Congratulations froma brazil.

I start use your theme and i have a problem with them. after i put a imagem inside a post or page, another image (igual) appear on the final content. in HTML code there is no entry to do this. i dont no why this happened can you help me?


you can see the problem in:

That section appears to be created by plugin you are using called “WP User Frontend”. I don’t know if there is options to disable this behavior in plugin sections or you have to remove it completely but this section is definitely created by this plugin.

I could also provide some custom CSS to hide this section but it would be more efficient to get rid from it via plugin settings or at least form plugin side. If not, please let me know and I will try to check what I can do from my side to hide it.

Hi Aigars thanks to your response.

i saw that and remove the plu in i try to see another pluing to people wirte i post in the frontend
do you know some plug in to do this ?


I haven’t use any such plugin but maybe it is possible to just disable this image attachment functionality for plugin and continue to use it? You might want to check plugin documentation or their support forum for more help.