Problem with posting - single post view is broken for WordPress

Hello. I have problem with posts. They don’t appear as they should. I have them in slideshow, but they don’t work anywhere else, and only explanation i could find is to set static page. For example when I click on post in slideshow it opens as blank page, and my settings are -Static Page- front page-“Pocetna”(home) - posts page- “Novosti”(News). What I actually want is to have my posts under the short description on Home, and in sidebar. Point is they have text, headline and featured image, but still something is wrong. Please help… Thank you. This is website I’m working on.

It appears that content-single.php, single.php and index.php and maybe even content.php files are broken.

Easiest way to fix that would be to delete theme completely and install it again. No customizations via Theme Options will be lost and your content will be in place but all files will be replaced and that should fix this problem.

Let me know if this helps.