Problem with sidebar/widget - no option to edit

HI, after one of the update of Wordpress, problem with editing sidebar appear. It displays fine, but I can not change some of the elements:
I can’t pase error code because of limit for links in post for new users :confused:
I’m able to change some of the side bar elements using
apperence-> widget
But some of the information I have on the sidebar is not there.

Anyone knows what might be the problem?
My page:

Hi there

Try Appearance > Widgets instead :slight_smile:


Yes, I tried that, but I have on side bar elements that can’t be changed through that like Next trips will be forerver Tatry? :slight_smile: I would like to be able to change that.

Here is the screen of the error code:


Ok, got it, but unfortunatelly I cant investigate it without accessing the dashboard, can you please provide access details in a private message?