Problem with the Dazzling theme slide

Hello Movin, Congratulations on doing this great job for free!

So I created another wordpress account, and it’s just for using the Colorlib forum.

On the Sparkling theme slide take the time to load I use the images in jpg format, and in dimension: 1920 x 550 equal to the demo site!

On the problem of the line between the header and the slide in the Dazzling theme, you did not see it because I was using the Sparkling theme, but I already changed to the dazzling and you now see this little flaw.

about the credits in the foot wheel of the theme, it is good to know this, but I would like to strip the link of wordpress, the colorlib link I am wanting leaves since the theme of yours and the support is very good until the moment and you deserve recognition that is why.

on the topic son I find it a bit complicated plus I’ll study more on the subject!

thanks for the attention I’m sorry I’m new to the area but I’m willing to learn and get well on the subject!

Maybe Google will not translate correctly.

My site:

All right Movin I do not need help here I did this topic wrongly you can delete it if you want

Thank you for your attention