Problem with the "previous" button


I am new in the wordpress world but I try to learn how to use it step by step.

I found my happiness with your wonderful theme for my travel website :
Thank you for this theme !

I recently had a problem with how to put full articles in the “home” page instead of extracts and I found the solution really quickly on your forum, which is great too !

So I followed your instructions here :

- Create a blog page. - In Page Attributes choose previously mentioned template. Publish this page. - Now go to Settings – Reading and set front page as static page and choose previously created blog for this static page. Now you should see full blog content instead of just excerpt on front page.

and it worked perfectly !

Unfortunately, I recently noticed another problem which I didn’t find a solution to : the previous button at the bottom of the page.

On my home page, I have 5 full articles displayed, but when I click on “previous” at the bottom, I just come back again and again on the same page. it’s impossible to see previous articles.

Could you help me with that please ???
Knowing that I’m a beginner… but I really try ! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,


Something is causing redirect to the front page but it’s not theme related.

Try changing permalink structure to default via Settings - Permalinks and see if that works.

If that works try setting it back to current permalink structure.

Report back and I will try to help from there.

Hello !

It worked ! Thank you so much !
Hope this topic may help other people too in the future.

Thank you again for your efficiency :wink: