Problem with wordpress theme

I dont know why, but i cannot install this theme on my website with created with wordpress. My website have the latest update for wordpress but i cannot install your theme… how to fix that?

When i go to upload the theme, this is happening

And nothing is uploaded, i suppose the problem is with the theme?`I reinstall the latest update for wordpress and try again, but its still the same.

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Please have a look at the following video that shows how to install the theme:

Also, please downloading the file again from here:

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I have seen the video and i try all, but its the same. I don’t know why, but i cannot install your wordpress theme.
I try another one and i saw that its not the only theme that is not working too… i thing you need to check your themes if they really work and fix the problems.

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Have you tried installing the theme via FTP?
You can follow the step 3 shown in this document document:
If your’e still having issues us know.

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