Problems after Wordpress Update 5.6

After the WordPress update, 5.6 many features of my homepage no longer work. The skill bars in the about section, the testimonials section was reformatted to a long vertically stacked section, and the counter stopped working in the counter section. These are all my favorite bits of the homepage but I’ve had to disable them.

What can I do? Is it because I have the free version of the theme? Please help.

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Hey there

So far this is only the problem related to the new version of the wordpress,
May I take a look? please provide link to your page

Sure I’m but I’ve disabled all of the features. Should I enable them for you to see?


I seem to have a problem as well after updating to the last version of Wordpress too
Please have a look :
I land on a Colorlib page
Any ideas ?
Your help is truly appreciated
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many people have similar problems. Until a permanent solution is created, changing your jquery version with the plugin below helps you solve the problem.

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Thanks, I’ll try. I’ve got some reading to do.

Hey there

So far I cant see any problem beside Jquery migrate helper plugin :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: it’s fixed!!! and I didn’t get around to the plugin! I’ll download it now anyway. Thanks everyone!


after updating to WP 5.6 the site has started to have issues with anchor text. For example, the "Kontakt " button on the main menu won’t work. Or the call to action (yellow button “Chci masaz”), and so on…

After inspecting the code, I see an error and several warnings, all referring to .js files (bootstrap.min.js and other files).
Could it be the issue?

Thank you.

Hi @radka

are you sing Jquery migrate plugin on your site? if no please go ahead and install it

I do have Jquery migrate plugin on my site. Anything else it could be?


After upgrading to 5.6 I have experienced exactly the same issue with anchors as @radka. I have also noticed the error “Bootstrap’s JavaScript requires jQuery version 1.9.1 or higher, but lower than version 3” in the console. Installing Jquery Migrate Plugin didn’t help.

Thank you in advance.
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hey there

Im sorry about it, this problem is already reported and must be fixed in the next theme update

Hi, I also have problems after the update, the internal pages stage are not showing the feature image but instead are showing the blog archive header image, can you please help me with this?

You may use this css code to fix your problem:

.page-template-default header#header {
    background-image: url(;
    background-attachment: fixed;

You need to change url of the image in the code

Hello, Can you please advise when will be the next theme update? I’m afraid it’s not good with not functional website for such a long time:(

Hi @radka

Yes, I understand your point, unfortunately, I don’t have any ETA for the next theme update :frowning:

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these are errors i got also. with or without above plugin. php version 7.4


Sorry, but its not yet fully compatible with version 7.4 and this problem is already reported: