Problems with Blog Sidebar

Hello, I’m having trouble getting the sidebar on the “blog” page to show (not the actual blogs themselves, it shows fine on them). I’ve been talking to Laranz here Can’t Add Sidebar To Blog Page |

They requested I send login info in a private message but I don’t see a way to do that here…



Found it!

The login info is


HI there

You have to select page layout in appearance > travelify main options > layout options from here you can set sidbar globally for all pages as a right sidebar, then for each individual pages you can choose full-width layout under page editor

So in order to get one page to show with a sidebar I have to set all of them to use a sidebar, then go to each page and change them back to full width? That seems kind of backwards, no?


Sorry, but no other way is here, you have to consider and use this method during creating pages and post and then this work is not so hard