Problems with carousel

Hi there,

hopefully this is the right category, otherwise please move. We tried to install Carousel #2 but unfortunately it doesn’t work as expected. Maybe you can help us.

This is our site as it currently looks: It is a regional exchange ring for extended neighborhood help. You will find your plugin in the SCROLL-TEST-FENSTER:

1.) The pictures run over the right border of the box.

2.) How can we reduce the size of the images, e.g. set them to 50 x 50 pixels?

3.) How can we reduce the large up and down gaps between the images and the frame?

4.) On some (older) mobile phones we see nothing at all.

We are using bootstrap version 3.3.6, you are using version 4.5.3, but when we update it crashes the framework of our entire site.

Maybe that are known problems, but we despair of it. Can you help us?

Best wishes

Hi there

Dirk, this will require some customization, its an HTML template, it comes as is, in order to implement it in your website you need to at lest beginner experience of HTML and CSS