Problems with changing colours while using Elementor


In difrent posts I see you refering to the Elementor plugin to use.
I;m very happy with this Plugin and with your theme, but I have one problem and that the theme doen’t show the colour changes I make on sub- titels, borders, border shades and the progressbars on my site.

I have used diffrent troubleshootings and found out it is a theme problem, because the changes do show when I show the page with a diffrent theme.

I am very enthousiastic about your theme and elementor plug inn.

This is the link to the page with the progressbars:
and this is the link to the page which should have red subtitels:

Thanks for your time.

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Hello Karin

happy new year :slight_smile:

  1. progress bar - i can see they are styled, colors are changed and i can’t see the problem you explained about colors
  2. subtitles - i guess you want to change the color of the text “Nieuw op school” if this is the case i can’t see if the color is changed in the markup, in other words, color is not changed in the elementor widget itself, please change and try check again

Hey Noda,

Happy new year to you too!
Thank you for your quick reply.

In the attachments I have put two print screens with the view I have when I’m working in Elementor.
One of the progress bars and one of the coloured titels.

There is a diffrence between them and I can’t get the live page get to look as the way I see it in Elementor…

A couple of days ago I could change the colours of al the progress bars just fine, but today it doesn’t work anymore.

It seems like there Is a problem with the processing of all the changes, because it is also the size of the Page title that is not changed. But other, to me randomly things are processed just right.

Hey there

I know many our customers are using elementor without any problem, most probably this problem is related to your installation, its good idea to get in touch with elementor support when you have such problems i believe this is plugin related because it worked couple of days ago

much more likely this is an color profile issue with your sreen or browser. have had this before after a calibration error and drove me quite crazy.

tested it again a minute ago after having read this and your suggestion - everythings alright here!! :slight_smile:

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Goodmorning all,

Thanks for your time, After your comments I was convinsed it had to be something I have changed, because nothing has changed with my computer or server. And it was something I probably have changed myself, although I can’t remember doing this… :o

I find it hard to tell in English, but in de options of the Elementor pluginn by advanced you can choose something about CSS and I must have changed that. Beacuse no I did change it, it’s works perfectly again.

I am very happy wiht this and with the template of my site, so thank you very much for your help!



I am glad the issue was resolved.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

Best Regards,