Problems with child theme

I’m having problems with the child theme. The google font does not work properly anymore when I preview the child theme. To remedy the situation I tried to host locally: no success. (Other css changes– pink border – I made are showing up, so the set-up is working.) The “title of the website” in the header shows up in Raleway, but in the Blog Index Settings I had switched off both options for "Show…"and that type is not in Raleway, neither is the other type on that page, whereas the red I had chosen for one line of type has prevailed. I’ll attach 2 images for you to see what happens.

I don’t dare switch to the child theme now, because I have set up the entire site already. I fear I will lose all the settings for the one page site I made with the demo content set-up and all the widgets that came with it (parallax sections). The link colors (in the child theme preview) are not the ones I had chosen. Other settings were lost in the preview as well. Do I have to start from scratch, if I want to use a child theme???



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Firs of all i want to say 1-2 words about question formulation, it’s not necessary to write full history about the problem, we don’t need it, it makes your question even more complicated and hard to understand. this question can be formulated in 1-2 lines, … also, always you have to include a link to the problem page in your question

Now, regarding the question, i guess you don’t know why or when to use a child theme, shortly, if you are not modifying theme files, like PHP, css or js files then using of child theme does make any sense, it’s not necessary

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Hello, and thank you for your quick answer.
I have made a lot of changes to the css. I do not want to lose them in the next update, so a child theme is necessary. As the pink border tells, the css changes are received by the child theme. Also, I am testing changes in the js files… Please: I need a functioning child theme.
As the page is not working with a child theme, it is not live yet. That is why I supplied images to illustrate my problem.


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You can try creating a new child theme with this plugin and carry over the changes to it:

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The child theme worked for me! I realised what the problem was: the preview does not accurately display the actual child theme. Once I clicked on activate, all the problems were gone!

Thanks – I’m happy now.

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions