Problems with Custom scripts field in Travelify

The box in Custom Scripts is now empty, but the code line remains.
Can I replace some files to get rid of this code line?

Just found that there is actually a bug in the theme that doesn’t clean database entry when you remove scripts from Custom Scripts field. Will fix this in the next theme version.

Meanwhile you can just remove this from your database by searching for “qtrans_language_chooser” inside your database. You can use phpMyAdmin (most shared web hostings does have it installed by default) or other MySQL manager for that.

Sorry about that!

Hi Aigars! I need help with something. I added the words Salt Life Yoga to the custom scripts to display on the header under theme options and now it won’t go away! I deleted the wording and saved and then refreshed my screen a million times but its still there. Can you please let me know how to delete this wording on the header? Website is Thanks! Colleen

This issue were resolved in Travelify 1.3.6. Please make sure you update your theme to latest version to solve this issue.

if you don’t want to update theme you will have to look for “Salt Life Yoga” inside WordPress database in remove it from there.