Problems with footer's widget

Hi Noda! :slight_smile:

In my footer I added a gallery (I don’t know if it is an external plugin to your theme or is an integral part of wordpress / your theme), I would like the photos to be shown in a 2x2 grid forming a square and not being under the 'else.

How can I do?

Hi There,

This seems to be a bug in the theme where the images are showing below each other despite setting the number of columns. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.

Kindly check out the issue here.

Have a good one.

Ah ok, then I’ll wait, how do I know when it’s ready?

Good morning

I can’t say when it will be fixed but you can try this temporary fix by CSS:

footer {
width: 50%;
display: block;
float: left;
padding: 3px;

Ok perfect, everything works

As always you are welcome :wink:

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Thank you again!

Ooh, thank you, my dear :slight_smile:
its pleasure to work with you
Will close this case here