Problems with images and changes not displayed

Hi Aigars
I have several problems with Sparkling theme.
The image I uploaded as a header or logo not shown in certain categories and entries. Instead, the site name or image box appears.
This happens to me both the mobile version and the desktop version (explorer and chrome)
I uninstalled the theme and I’ve reinstalled, but the problems remain.
I also uninstalled the theme and came back to the previous, but still showing parts of Sparkling. It is very strange.
I deleted browsing history and cache, but the problem remains.
If I navigate from wordpress admin panel everything is correct, but it shows me these problems when I sail out of the administration panel.
In addition, there are changes that I make and are not displayed in normal navigation or take hours to be reflected.
Really, Sparkling love, but I fear that there has been any error that has broken my site. I would love to continue using Sparkling.
I leave my link so you can see the errors showing. Please, check it on mobile and desktop version and in different browsers (explorer and chrome)
If you need to tell the plugins I have installed, please tell me if any may be incompatible.

My site is:

Thank you very much!

PS: Excuse me for my horrible english

These things are definitely not related to Sparkling theme in any way but most likely cache plugin or your server configuration. Unfortunately, I can’t check any of those because your server is now completely offline. Please make sure to fix problems with your server and notify me once you are done with that part.

Hi Aigars!
The problem was by WP Super Caché plugin. When you come into my blog, it was dropped because of the plugin.
I have disabled and deleted the plugin and everything works properly in mobile and desktop version.

Many thanks for your quick response. Sparkling is a very good theme. I love it!! Great job!!
If you want, you can mark as resolved this topic.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Greetings from Spain.