Problems with Latest them update Post section and sidebar do not showing rightly

Hey there,
Today I Updated the latest version of Newspaper X them. After updating them my website facing an error in the post section(“There has been a critical error on Your website”). Every post of my website showing different like they are getting small and step out the left side. and the sidebar is completely gone. There is not showing the sidebar.
Please look at this link, you will understand the problem.

I am so worried about this new problem. if you know the solution please help me as soon as possible.
Have a nice day!

I have the exact same problem unfortunately.
I am running a busy live site, so I have rolled back to the previous version adn everything works fine.

I hope you find the bug.

Is this an update related to wp 5.5., right?


Same to you. I have backup my previous version of Newspaper X them. The new version of Newspaper X= 1.3.2. have so many problems. After I update the newer version I’ve lost 50% of my visitor and then back up the previous version. The previous version is doing well. Right now my website doing well with the previous version of newspaper X.

I haven’t find the bug.

Redoy. Thanks

Hey guys

Can you make a staging site with this problem? without replicating the problem I can’t provide any fix

Can I send you a private message with the staging site details?


Here are a few broken staging site links:

Others are okay:

Send me a private message here and I will check them

I have sent you a private message 25 days ago and another one 15 days ago.
Unfortunately, I cannot hold the testing site up forever. Could you please look into the issue?