Problems with mobile version

Hello and thank you for your work.
On the mobile version of my website I have severals problems.

  1. The “scroll-to-top” is hide by the reCAPTCHA logo. For the web version, I changed the css (.scroll-to-top {bottom: 4%}) but it does not change the mobile version. I didn’t succeed to change that for the mobile version. Could you help me for that and the code I could write ?

  2. The color of the links (mobile version) in pages and in texts of the categories is grey and we don’t understand that they are links. How could I change the color of the links in pages and categories for mobile version ?

Thank you so much !

Hey there

Thank you for questions :slight_smile:

  1. try this css code and let me see it:

.scroll-to-top {
bottom: 100px;

  1. Sorry, but I can’t see it, for example, on this page: Régulez vos émotions et libérez-vous ! - Vivons Soi links are not grey, is this problem already fixed? I see its customized little bit


Hello and thank you so much for your reply !

  1. Changing 4% by 100px worked ! Thank you !

  2. On mobile version, the links are ok on posts but are grey in categories (for exemple Vivons nous - Vivre sa vie en conscience - Vivons Soi) and in pages (for exemple
    I just customized (with your passed help) the color of the links in order to see them better (sorry for my english), (but this change only worked for the web version and doesn’t work on mobile version - they should appear in blue but appear in violet). However, the links should appear at least in violet but they appear grey on a mobile, so we canno’t imagine they are links. So the problem is not fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the support you provide !

Hi chuchu

Sorry for asking, but can you please add a screenshot from the page example?

Hello, here are screenshots.
My message is forbidden when I try to add the corresponding links
“links on posts” = /emotions-peurs-comportements/ and it’s ok (all the posts)
“links on pages” = the links appear in grey (all pages)
“links on categories” = /vivons-nous/therapies-naturelles/ links are grey (text in categories, here the category “thérapies naturelles”)

Thank you so much !

up date of the last message.
I just seen that the problem appear on the web version too, not only on mobile version :frowning: and on the links of the widget in lateral menu)

up date of the 2 last messages :
I returned in CSS and it seams to be ok. But I don’t know how to erase navigation datas on the phone and I don’t know if it 's ok on mobile version chrome browser… I tried with the samsung browser and it’s ok.
It’s seems to be ok !
Thank you so much !