Problems with nextgen gallery for WordPress theme

Hi again,
I’m not sure if it’s a bug. But after leaving a nexgen gallery, always a dropdown menu appears in my menu area (like I would visit my page on a mobile device). After going back to “home”, it goes away… Any idea?

Can you provide me with your website URL?

Mobile navigation is hidden by CSS (no JavaScript) so if the screen doesn’t get too small it can’t appear (if style.css is loaded then everything should work). I am not familiar with nextgen gallery but I it most likely is not caused by plugin or even by theme.

Can it affect visitors in any way? Then can experience this glitch or you must be logged in?

it’s also visible for visitors. Just go the post “Noch 100 Tage” and click on the image. After closing the image you can see the dropdown in the menubar.

There is some nasty conflict between NextGen Gallery, TinyNav used for this theme and responsive layout in general.
I would recommend to use different lightbox plugin because NextGen is not responsive. Opening large images on mobile makes the entire website to think that you are using desktop because it suddenly gets far, far outside mobile screen resolution. Not the best user experience.

ok, thanks for the information