Problems with Sparkling slider setup

Hello people!

I really love the look and feel of the Sparkling theme. It is quite professional.

However, i have a few issues with the theme.

  • Ist The slider doesn’t sit properly on the page.
    It is squeezed at the top… and my images on each post are not aligned well therein
  • 2nd I am having issues creating atleast 3 text boxes beneath the slider.
  • 3rd Is it possible to have a different front page… the aim is to have a “minimalist” website?

Finally…is it totally free or do I have to purchase anything? I would like the exact design on your demo page.

Thanks for speedy answers!

I moved your questions to a new thread because they were completely irrelevant to that thread. Always start your own thread the previous was already resolved.

Please post your website URL, so I can look into it. Right now you are confusing everything and it is impossible to help.

Theme can be setup exactly like in the theme demo without any plugins (except shortcodes but they aren’t doing anything on theme demo), code customizations or anything else specific, it is enough to add your own content and configure it via Theme Options.

Please spend some time and read theme documentation and also learn some basics about WordPress.

Thanks Aigars,

Thanks for the response. My website URL is

sorry for confusing everything. I am not very ‘techie’ but would love direction in having my blog look as good as your demo. Kindly have a look at the URL and see what I mean.

Once again, thank you for your help.