problems with templates in Dazzling child theme

I donwloaded Dazzling theme, and i working on child theme to customize it. but when i’m trying to insert html in template files (i’m working with full-page template) the html doesn’t appear.
Need your help please.
thank you!

I need to see what HTML you are using and where you exactly you are using it (which line on that particula file) and have you enabled both Child Theme and this custom page template.

This can’t be theme related at all but there is some mistake in your approach and we need to track it down, so more information would be helpful.

Yes the child theme is activated. i’m using full-with template and i add template name to select it from page that i’m trying to use.i added a row with 3 column inside, just after the loop line 27 inside the main tag.and i use it for the front-page of the site.

Your explanation while accurate doesn’t help at all because I don’t see your website and I don’t see a code you are using.

Instead of trying to add something on that file try to remove something important such as loop to see if it throws any errors. If not, then you aren’t using this file or WordPress doesn’t recognize it for some reason.