Product categories do not appear in Tyche Products widget categories

I have set up a bunch of product categories on the site and Id like to choose specific categories of products to appear on different Tyche Product widgets. The problem is that the categories drop down menu in the widget does not display any of my product categories. Can someone please guide me through this?

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You can look into the use of this plugin to resolve the issue.

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Hello, i am trying to display some product using the “Tyche Products category” widget but the products aren’t displaying. Please help.


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I see products are appearing without any problem on the front page?

The products you’re seeing is the woo commerce’s “Newest Product”, below that, i am trying to implement Tyche Product widget where i add products by category. You should be able to see the banner showing by the side but products are not being showed.

I am getting errors with some of my widgets