Product Variants in Fashe Shopify Theme Issue

Hello. I am writing because the product variants on my website are showing up as colored boxes instead of text that i used to create the variants. I have my variants set up so a person can choose “yes” or “no” for elastic band and I also have another variant where they can choose the color “natural brown” or “full unit jet black”. The theme automatically assigned colored boxes for the color variant and for the elastic band variant it doesn’t say what people are choosing yes or no for even when I hover over the “yes” or “no” choices. For my custom frontal unit product there is an extra box for the color variant although it’s not clickable. I have attached a screenshot so you can see what I’m referencing. Lastly, the description shows twice. It shows once at the top of the page under the price and then again under the heading description. I only want the description to appear once under the price of the unit.

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In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

The direct URL to the issue I’m having with the product variant is Frontal Unit – Audre Couture Extensions and the issue I’m having with the description appearing twice is on all the product pages. Due to my website being under construction you need a password to enter. The password is Construct0504. The whole theme isn’t super compatible with shopify although I picked the shopify version. Even my main menu doesn’t allow for sub page links in the drop down menu like it used to on my old theme.

I was able to remove the truncated description under the product name and price so that now there is only one description showing and I was able to fix the issue with the reviews not appearing on my theme. I still have the issue with the product variant as I stated initially and I also noticed that the product variant choices on my page for “bundles” aren’t equally spaced. They’re touching and stacked really close together. I have attached pictures to show exactly what i am referencing.

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Sorry, but i only see “Opening Soon” page, is it possible to disable this temporary?

I gave you the password to get into the site in the same reply that I provided my url (i even marked the message private). If i disable the password page my website will be live and it’s not ready yet to make it live as I’m trying to fix these issues first.