Project section gets overlapped by the latest news section

not sure what happened but the project section in the front page is now half covered by the latest news section.
Could it be caused by the fact I have updated few plugins today?
Find attached picture.
The web site is

Please note, i a smartphone it is all OK, it only happens on PC devices.


Hey there :slight_smile:

Please add this CSS code in Appearance > customize > additional css:

#projects .project {
min-height: 420px;

Thanks Node,
that works only partially, because now what they used to be squares are rectangular, but what is worse is that inthe cell phone the square boxes appear screwed up…

would you have any idea how this happened?
I have changed absolutely nothing other than updating few plugins…
Not sure, has anybody else reported the same problem?

Hi Umberto

You can regulate it by chanign values in the code, if you want that code only for desktop devices you may use this version:

@media only screen and (min-width: 992px){
#projects .project {
min-height: 420px;

Hello there,
Many thanks for your suggestion. It helped, now the mobile version shows nicely pics nicely squared.
However I must say that before bloody wordpress 5.6 the square proportions were also available in the PC resolution…
WIth the workaround you have given me at least I can show the pics more or less properly but they are trimmed. Before project pics used to be nicely squared in the PC as well.
I am pretty sure the change came after wordpress 5.6

Is there a way to resolve that? they do not look great at the moment, they are kind of overlapped with each other…


HI @udedomenico

Sorry but there is nothing I can do for now, latest wordress updated caused some problems and they must be fixed by the theme update

I understand, many thanks for your help.
I just hope that reporting it will help you know what got broken.
Thanks and happy Christmas!!!

Thank you for understanding @udedomenico :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful Christmas :slight_smile: