Project section is incorrectly framed and inaccesible

Hello, I have a serious issue which was most likely was caused by the workaround put in place to resolve a wordpress update which broke the theme (see here)

I am now unable to access the projects in the project section and if I attempt to do it in the widget area I see plenty of errors…

Could you help please in troubleshooting this?

Hi there

Which errors, @udedomenico how can I replicate your problem?
I tried to access projects and it worked well, I cant see any problems

When you try to customize, the add project button is dead and projects cannot be opened ( I wanted to remove one of them, they are five and they should be 4 for layout purposes, but I cannot access any project).
I can provide you with credentials to explore it yourself, or if you prefer me to make I video I can do that too.
Please let me know which way you prefer (i believe the first one would be the best obviously).

Hi @udedomenico

Ok, similar problem was already reported and I already have a issue open in the github, probably you have the same issue, but I will check it if you provide access credentials in a private message.


Not clear how to make this port private to send you credentials.
Hopefully it is correctly set up, if not please change visibility ASAP

Hello, is there an update on this?

Hi Umberto

Please provide access credentials in a private message and I will check it,

@udedomenico i deleted them, please immediately delete those credentials on your website, it was posted in public,

I will send you a PM instead

I was under that impression, actually.
Thanks for informing me.
I removed it.

Would you have an update on This?

Hi umberto

Please answer on my personal message :slight_smile:

I have done. have you received it?

Any news? Please advise

I just replied Umberto

Hello, thanks for your suggestions,
I have disabled and unistalled some plugins, also increased the memory from 128 to 512 MB and I still experience the issue.
basically if you access project section you are totally unable to add, modify or remove projects, it basically does not show anything.
The only way to access the section and modify is by going to widget area… Login ‹ Il lavoro della attenzione consapevole — WordPress

please advise what else I can do, thanks

I think I found the coolprit. It is the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin.
That plugin was recommended by you few years ago to allow in the mobile version the smooth scrolling as at some point it would no longer work.

Actually if I disable (as it is now) the smooth scrolling no longer works.
The other problem was that the mobile menu, would not work.

Is there a way to fix these two bugs in the theme?
the theme has been updated already.
I have a child theme.

Is there any news on this?

Hi @udedomenico

Sorry for the delay, so, when you deactivate Jquery migrate are you able to edit projects? but you cant use the Mobile menu?

Correct. If you look back in my posts,
In December 20 you suggested to install the active helper plug-in.
Please let me know if this theme is still usable or i should consider it as deprecated.
O really do not know what to do.
Thanks and regards

Hi Umberto

I will be honest, we have a major delay in the updates but I would not say that theme is discontinued, updates will be for sure but I can’t say when exactly

Kind regards and sorry for invicnience