Project section link doesnt work

when I add the link to the project section one error 301 and 302 occurs. The message says The content requested cannot be loaded. Please try again later.
Attached image.

The HTLM is exactly the same from the template but my account doesn’t work.

I followed the instructions in this thread but my lightbox wasn’t active. I’d like to add a link from my website and some of the links directly to instagram.

Could you help me please?


sorry my website is:

Hey there

You need to disable the Lightbox plugin on your website and it will work ::slight_smile:

It’s disabled and it doesn’t work the link

Have you seen my message? I cannot find the solution,

thank you so much

Let me see it, please provide a link to the page

Also, please don’t post in multiply tickets

here you have the link :slight_smile:

you have the links above and also the part of the website with the error :slight_smile: thank you. Let me know if you need my credentials in a private message

Hey there

Please deactivate Fancybox for WordPress plugin and check again :wink: