Project widget not working

Hi there,
I have a problem with the project widget. I am adding a custom URL at the widget, but when I click on the picture does not take me to that URL instead it goes to /#gallery-1.
Some one to offer solution?

Hello there

I need URL of the site to check the problem

Hi there,
Here is the URL:

Looking forward to your answer


Hey there

The second URL is set to google and it works normally, check this video:

Thanks for the response. The problem was with the FancyBox plug in. When I disable it, it started working. If activated it is not working.

Hi there

Ok, thanks for sharing this info, you can contact plugin author if you want to have that plugin

I am having the same issue.
Disabling Fancybox did not resolve the issue.

My url is

Nevermind. That fixed it.

HI Rey
First of all, would be better to open a new ticket :slight_smile:
Just check your website and is this resolved? I cant see problems with the portfolios, or probably it’s a different problem?