Projects images not visible

Hi, I guess I’m doing something wrong, i upload pictures for “projects” widgets but they are not visible. Can you tell me if these images require any particular format?
Thanks, great theme!
PD: my problem site is

hello @berlinaso,

Please try to change the default URL field, it should make the project picture render correctly.

It seems like in some particular cases, when you don’t make changes to the default fields it has problems to appear on the frontpage. I’ll continue the investigation, but please let me know if this fix your issue.


I tried, but it did not work. Any other ideas? Perhaps it is the format or image size ? Or Wordpress version ?


Hello @berlinaso,

Have you updated the theme to meet the latest files?

Might fix your issue.
Is quite strange since on my behalf everything is working after I change the default values…

Let me know.

Try adding a title or name for the image you’re uploading - I found you have to fill out the forms when uploading the picture, even if you don’t want captions to show.

Great! Marcee yo were right! I filled every field and it is running perfect. Thanks!