Projects Section: images not centered


I was repairing my site after a domain change.
I have a problem with centering images in the projects section, how can I do?

Only the central images are not centered.

I cannot link to the site because it is in maintenance mode.

I am attaching a screenshot

Kind regards,

Hi NIcholas

Please provide a link to your website, let me check the problem


How can I give you access if the server is in maintenance mode?

is it possible to temporarily disable it?

No, it’s not possible.
Isn’t there a plugin to create a temporary login?


Yes, you may use this plugin:

Ok,I installed it.

I sent you the link to enter via private message.


Ok, thanks
You may use this css code to fix the problem:

#projects .project {
background-position: center center;


Thank you very much for helping. I consider this topic closed

Best regards

Thank you too and have a great week