Projects Section - URL not working


The projects section looks great but we can’t get the URL to go anywhere on each project. It gives an error and says “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please Try Again Later.” The pages work fine on their own. So it appears to be an issue with the widget somewhere. Will you please offer so direction?

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@monumental can you please provide URL of the website to check the problem?


Hi @monumental

I’m sorry, but the page is currently inaccessible. Has your hosting experienced any downtime? It has been like this for the last 10-15 minutes.


@colorlibsupport We have not experienced any downtime that we know of. One of the admins might of been doing an update. Please try again to
I just tried the site and it is loading. However, we are still having the issue with the links not working under projects.

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Now it’s working without any issues.

I am familiar with this problem, it is caused by the Fancybox plugin. If you deactivate it, the issue will be resolved.


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@edidorin can you please be more specific? how can I replicate this problem on your website?