Projects Widget

I’m inserting a URL for the projects. The URL keeps clearing out and so the image is linking to the image.

I’m using for the Registry at the bottom of the page.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please ensure that the URL is in the following format “” as it may be getting removed because of the format that is uesd.

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This is the first url i’m trying to do. No luck. Tried to make it a tiny url, no luck.

Hello there,

Thanks for that information.

Please use the following plugin to delete your WordPress cache:

After doing that please switch from the Illdy theme to the default WordPress theme and then reactivate the Illdy theme.

Please keep me posted on the results.

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No luck :frowning:

I’m still pasting the URL, I get a little loader icon, then the URL field goes blank.


i have the same problems! I have tried everything, but nothing helps!
It’s really annoying, but its a great theme!

I hope the error is fixed quickly. The website is online, but incomplete.

It would be great to read from you.