qtranslation problem on featured slider's excerpt

Hi Aigars

It is me again

Recently I am trying to make my website a bilingual website (English and Thai languages).
I use the plugin called qtranslation. Everything seems to be good when I click on the language change button then the language will then be switched in the content of the pages that I want them to be bilingual.

But ! The passage (from page excerpt plugin) that shows on the featured slider are not switched to the other language automatically even I have put the both languages translation into the the qtranslation box in the page excerpt area.

I wonder how to fix this. My website is www.hempmethee.com

PS) it seems only one language can be shown on the excerpt of the featured slider.

Please kindly advise me

Thanks a lot
Methee Wu

Hi Aigars

So sorry, one more thing
When I switched the language of my website to be Thai, then If I click on the featured slider in my homepage, then it will linked me to the English page destination. But actually it should be linked to Thai page because I was in Thai language version at that moment.

How to make it directed to the correct language ?

Best Regareds,
Methee Wu

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this plugin therefore I can’t help you to solve this problem. Sorry about that.

Theme does use basic the_excerpt the_title and basic permalink structure and most likely there are something specific about this plugin that holds it back.

Dear Aigars

Thank you very much anyway for your fast response !

Can I ask you some more questions:

  • Do you have any recommended plugin to make the website to be bilingual (compatible with travelify theme) ?
  • How can I disable the link in the featured slider ? (I mean to make the featured slider only the slider show without link to any page or post).

Thank you alot
Methee Wu

  1. WPML is the best choice for WordPress translation. There is nothing you can’t translate with it. If something doesn’t work by default you can always use front-end string translation and other awesome tools. There is nothing you can’t translate with it and also they provide outstanding support in case you get stuck on your own.

  2. There is no on/off switch for that but there are numerous forum topics about this. Look at this for example: https://colorlibsupport.com/t/remove-link-to-postpage-for-featured-image/

methee, thank you for this question!!

I want my Website work German/English (other Languages if someone can help me :D)

Since your question i didn’t realized that qTranslate didn’t work with the slider. I only look at the Article, the Sites, and and and…

I will also be interested on working bilingual plugins for the (hole) awesome theme.


Dear Aigars

Sorry to disturb you again.
I downloaded the WPML plugin and using it at this moment. And the result is great !
However, the excerpt (passage) on the slider still not change (only one language can be displayed).

Is this because the “page excerpt” ?
Or the theme ?

Thanks very much

Best Regards,
Methee Wu

Dear Aigars

I disabled the “Page Excerpt” Plugin and tested the slider.
It seems the excerpt (passage) on the slider can not be bilingual. When I switch the website language, the excerpt on the slider doesn’t automatically change the language.

I use WPML plugin.

Whant can I do to make the excerpt on the slider be able to be bilingual when I switch the website language using WPML plugin.

Methee Wu

Thanks for pointing this out!

Will check WPML compatibility with Travelify theme and try to fix it if possible. And if not, will discuss it through with WPML developer, so it will take at least few days to draw any conclusions.

Hope you don’t mind about that.

Dear Aigars

Thank you very much for your great support as always!!.

Surely I don’t mind about this. I feel so glad to be a user of travelify theme.

Some useful information:
I feel that the slider which normally linked with the page or post, when I clicked change language on the WPML language switcher then click on the slider then the slider doesn’t link to the right language page.

-It seems the slider can be linked to only one language page no matter which language is selected at that moment. I think this is why the excerpt is displayed only one language.

  • When I adjusted the excerpt in the plugin “Page excerpt”, if the last language adjusted is Thai then the slider will display the Thai version. And the same is applied to English language.

Possibly the reason maybe on how the WPML can alter or adjust itself to the linking function of the " page or post linkage with the slider"

This is just from what I guess, so apologies if I am wrong.

Methee Wu

Since you have everything in place, I would appreciate if you could run a quick test and disable Page Excerpt plugin and try to enable this field via functions.php file like this:

add_action('init', 'travelify_custom_init');
function travelify_custom_init() {
  add_post_type_support( 'page', 'excerpt' );

Add this code right before closing ?> at the very end of functions.php

This should add Page excerpt the same way but I am not sure if it will make any difference but it is worth a shot.

Dear Aigars

I added the code as you suggested. The page excerpt function is also added into page but not post (My second slider is linked from the post not page). My website is www.hempmethee.com

However my first slider is linked to page “product”, the results are as follows:

  • When I switched my website to Thai and clicked on the slider, it still link to the English page not Thai page.

  • When I switched my website to Thai and clicked on the slider, the excerpt passage on the slider still show in English language not Thai language

ps) I think WPML team will be willing to work with you in order to develop Travelify theme to be compatible with WPML (They told me like this too). I used to contacted WPML and at first they thought that it is “Page excerpt” plugin which is not compatible with WPML. But now after I disabled it then the problem still there. And the most important thing is that the slider don’t link to the correct page and post with the correct language, so it possibly be the theme itself which may not be compatible with WPML.

If you decided to work this out with WPML team, please kindly let me know too, I will wait for the result as I am Travelify’s fan :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Methee Wu

Dear Aigars

So apologies to disturb you. Just would like to know your decision whether you will contact WPML to make the slider to be compatible with WPML?

Best regards
Methee Wu

I couldn’t figure out it myself I sent them email yesterday since I don’t have access to their support forum.

If they won’t respond to it until tomorrow I guess I then should buy the cheapest licence and discuss with them on forum. Will see.

I was asked to sign-up to their Go-Global Program and I did just that. Will see where we will get from there. Will keep you posted.

Dear Aigars

Thank you very much !
So apologise for my late reply, I didn’t receive the email notification that you posted something in this post. So I thought that you didn’t reply.

Thank you very much for your effort :slight_smile: keep me posted

If you need any help from me please let me know

Best Regards,
Methee Wu

Dear Aigars

Just would like to ask you about the progress between you and WPML team :slight_smile:
is everything alright?

ps) don’t misunderstand that I am rushing you. I never think about doing that. Just would like to know the progress. Your theme had already given me a big big support for me.

Best Regards,
Methee Wu

Travelify WPML test website is up and demo content is added and I yesterday got some suggestions from WPML team and hopefully will make some progress this week. There were some few other changes that they disliked about theme rather than just slider and I should fix those as well to make it WPML certified.

Will keep you posted!

Dear Aigars

Thank you very much, you are a great man.
If you need any help from me you can send me an email anytime.

I am specialize in Thai language (as I am Thai), if you need any help regarding any of your project that needs Thai language support, you can just tell me.

So sorry I am extremely bad at website building and many kinds of internet stuff, so the thing I can best help you maybe about Thai language.

Best Regards,
Methee Wu

I would really appreciate if you could download Github version of this theme and test it with WPML.

It should work but it would be nice if you could test it on another website just to make sure that it works.

Thank you!

Before attempting anything, make sure you have backup in place, just in case :slight_smile: