Question about storing website in github

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I have a simple question regarding storing the sites I imitate in the github repository
Is this allowed or not? This is because after I finished explaining the design of websites, I would like to upload it
On hosting the above repository, this will automatically store the files and they will become open source code
Is there any problem with this point?

Of course with the name of the site colorlib in the description in order to preserve the rights

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Not sure if this is possible, you cant make an open-source project from not open source project, we sell themes and these themes and templates are for personal use, they can not be open-sourced anywhere else

You mean that uploading the website that i explained its design and code to on GitHub is prohibited?


Yes, you cant make an open-source project out of the commercial project, this is restricted by our license

You mean, I am allowed to explain how to code designs while preserving rights on YouTube, but it is forbidden for me to upload the explanation code to GitHub, right?

Second question: If we assume that I bought the design, is it also forbidden for me to save it in GitHub?


If it will be available for download for everyone then no.
Once again, please check out our license rules: Licence - Colorlib

Well, you mean that you have no problem i imitating projects and explaining the method of imitation on YouTube, but it is forbidden for me to store content in GitHub, because it will become public for everyone and you may also lose visitors to your site, right?

If this is the case, I have seen that someone puts a set of templates from your site on GitHub, and I can see the code for it and I can download it, did he take a specific license? Or what exactly?


It’s not about losing visitors, it’s prohibited and clearly stated on our license page.
Im not sure what else are doing but its not allowed.

Is your question answered? can we close this discussion?

Sorry for the delay, sometimes the support site gets stuck (maybe because of where I live) and I need to open it with a proxy or vpn

Well thank you, close the ticket


Ok, nice to hear, I will close the case