Question about the US 99 Lincense...

Buy your US 99 License through the link from a Bootstrap template. I did it before I registered and my account was charged anyway. But I have not received any email that proves my purchase or that has any link to download the templates without legal Attribution for free templates of Html.

Now I registered on your site but I notice absolutely no difference.

At first glance it seems to me that I wasted my money because I have not received any confirmation email and I feel that I have not really bought anything at all, but that I pay US $ 99 for nothing.

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Thank you for the question,
First of all, please check our license definition page here: Licence - Colorlib
buying license means you will get at Legal Attribution for Free Templates, there is no difference in the template, you are purchasing rights to remove author credits from templates and when you buy 9$ license this means you can use all our templates and revemo credits from them.
this is what license means and it’s clearly described on the license page :slight_smile:

buy your theme with order ID : [Order #248983] (November 3, 2019) ,i received simple mail with this below write up :
"Just to let you know — we’ve received your order #248983, and it is now being processed:
[Order #248983] (November 3, 2019)
Product Quantity Price
Single Template License 1 $21.00
Subtotal: $21.00
Payment method: PayPal
Total: $21.00
NOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS mail, without any confirmation email and link to use my licence version of template ?

Hey there

@venus3112 You are just purchasing rights to remove footer credit from the template, there is no other steps required, you can remove footer credit now

P.s. please open a new ticket next time :slight_smile:

hi there ! I also bought the 99 license, so I just delete the attribution of my free theme and is that it?

Hey there

@crivera Yes, you can now use all our templates and you can remove credits from them, Licence - Colorlib