Read More Button Not Displayed.


I am new to WordPress. I have just installed sparkling theme on my website. The problem is that the Read More buttons are not displayed on actual website. On the other hand, they are visible in Customize mode. Here is the link of my website.

I’m having the same issue. The buttons were showing until recently and appear in customize, but not on my live site.

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Please see the solutions posted in the following topics for the similar issue.

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Hello Movin,

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Following code works but only displays (more…). The larger code does not work at all.

body.home a.more-link {
display: block;
color: #DA4453;

Any suggestions.

Hi Roven,

I got my Read More tabs back by following the instructions on the following post.

For others.

Go to: Appearance > Customize > Sparkling Options > Content Options > Check the Show Post Excerpts.

if the Show Post Excerpts is already checked, unchecked it and then check again. It should work for you as it has done for me.

By the way Rovin, thanks for your support.

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My issue was fixed with the update to my child theme. Thank you.

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