Read more tag sending me to bottom of posts

Hi Colorlib Support,

I’m having trouble with my read more tags. When I click on my read more buttons (added as a block in the editor) it sends me to the bottom of the post. It’s the same issue as discussed below:

Is there any way to fix this without reindexing my posts section?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jess

Sorry, but there is no fix so far, we need to wait for the official update, there is no hotfix for this problem

Hi, I found this solution by adding to the functions php file - Customizing the Read More « WordPress Codex
Would you also recommend this fix? I’m very inexperienced with code and last time I fiddled with this file I created other issues.

Hi there

Unfortunately, I can’t tell anything since it requires testing and only a developer can do such a thing, but there is nothing to afraid if you test it, just make a backup of the site :slight_smile:

Hi, no problem I have a backup so will give it a try (: thank you!

Let us know results :slight_smile:

Hi again, I’m now having trouble finding the functions.php file. I read that it’s supposed to be found under Themes > Shapely on the wp dashboard but I can’t find anything - am I missing something?


yes, it should be there but looks like editing is restricted from the hosting, try to use FTP browser or hosting account to edit theme files, this is safer method than editing files form WordPress UI

Ah I see. I ended up adding a code snippet plugin instead and adding the code in there because I didn’t want to risk breaking my site. Can confirm that it works! This is the plugin I used - How to Easily Add Custom Code Snippets in WordPress
Thanks for all of your help (:

Yeah, it works for me too. Thanks for easy link.

Well, that’s great solution and its better for sure :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing solution