Recent Posts Not Showing Up in Sidebar

I just noticed that our recent posts are ‘not’ showing up in the sidebar. Our host cleared the cache and I cleared the browser cache and checked with two other browsers. Still not showing up.
Can anyone help?

Good morning

Can i see your website? please provide url and i will check it, also, please post a screenshot of the widgets

Hi There,

I am just repeating the steps to show recent posts on sidebar here so you can check if you have done all these properly-

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance -> Widgets, found on the left side of your Dashboard.
  3. Find the Recent Posts widget, click on it and hold, then drag it into the sidebar area.
  4. Configure the widget by adding a title

Now the way recent posts are displayed depends on the theme you are using.

I am not sure what theme you are having right now. However, the steps i mentioned here are the most common and easy method of displaying posts on sidebar.

Do get back to me if you are still having trouble with this and please share what widget you are using including your website URL.


Hello @shahnur,

Thanks for helping out on this one.

Let us know if that helped.

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Hello all,

I am a web designer, and so I know how to make placements in the widget area. This occurrence of posts not showing up is recent. Perhaps, it is due to recent Wordpress updates. The posts from February 17 and March 13 have not appeared in the Recent Posts area.

Sorry, I did not provide more information, I thought I was posting in the Unite Theme forum. The website is

I’m not sure what screenshots of the widget area will show, but I am attaching them.

As a side note, the Category Posts widget is still working. If I have to, I will create that for the recent posts, since I only want to show 2-3 anyway.

good morning

Not sure if this is theme related because we are talking about default WordPress widgets and functions, try to activate one of default WordPress theme and check your problem with that

I will go to a Wordpress forum and ask then. Thank you.


No problem, let us know how this works out.

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