Recommended action: Install Contact Form 7 which is already there?

Hi!. I am test driving theme Shapely. In the recommended actions there is the advice to install Contact Form 7.
I already have this plug-in installed so why this advice? I have a multi site and Contact Form 7 is network activated.

And where is the Dutch translation coming from? I do not see a nl_NL.po file in languages but there is Dutch text in for example the Demo import which is horrible so I would to correct that.

Hey there

  1. Ok, just don’t pay attention to that message,
  2. Not sure about this question, we don’t have it in the package, check your other folders

Thanks for your reply.
Are you going to fix something for question 1? Because I do not understand what I should do with Kali Forms?

It is really hard to see your answer to question 2? All recommended actions are in Dutch and the Getting started and Support tab are also in Dutch. I have found a shapely po in the general /wp-content/languages/themes folder. So that is downloaded from somewhere when installing. If I want to improve that where should I do that?

Hello Harm10

  1. I already reported this problem, the developer should fix it as soon as possible
  2. Can you post a screenshot? as I said before we don’t have dutch translation file in the theme, I can’t say why you have it, if possible simple remove it and start a new translation

Ad 1. Thank you.

Ad 2. Of what do you want a screen shot? I have attached the po file that I found and that is definitely not created by me (and it contains the translations I am seeing on the Recommend Action). It is part of lots of language files of lots of themes. So I repeat my question where is this coming from? Is there some general Wordpress theme translation site like there is for WP itself and for its plug-ins?

Zip file

Hi Harm10,

I can’t say where it’s coming from if it’s not what you wanted just remove it and start a new translation, this question is all about Wordpress theme translation, you can use any translation method you used before, again, if you are not satisfied with the current translation, just change it or delete and start from scratch,

I have found where such translations come from. A while ago I cannot remember that themes were also included here but they are now!
The Dutch translation is 100% on Shapely in Dutch
So perhaps you can record this somewhere so support knows this?

Damn, sorry about that, I was checking different version of the theme here… my fault

I noticed that not all text strings I see on the screens are on that translation site. Is it using the last pot file? Or are there strings (like on the Welcome screen) which not have been coded for translation?

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Most probably some strings are missed from the translation file

So I assume you are going to update that on translation site so people can translate?

Yes, we will update it but as I said before there is a delay in update routine and it may take some time