Recommended actions not works. posts & widgets

After installing newspaper x theme recommended importing links for posts and widgets; not works. I somehow manage to find some links on your forums for your other themes, and change that link to newspaper x and they worked but not fully worked and returned with errors after importing proccess. Can you provide updated links for posts and widgets? also i can pm login infos to my site.

Hey there

Yes, sure, but which links are not working? and which recommended actions are not done yet?

every link from “” is broken. like:

from this thread:

i manage to find a download link content from another site:

and a link for another theme’s demo link than changed to:

images from content link wasnt imported. and not sure about widget’s status.
If i send you a admin account can you check it on my site? there is no pm option on your profile. i can email you if it is ok for you.