Recommended actions remain visible in Customizer even when I put them to viewed

I can understand your wish to display the recommended actions but even when I click them as viewed (the eye icon) they are still displayed in Customizer sidebar (and even more annoying at the top of all choices).
Can this be changed?

Good morning

Thank you for sharing, you can report it here: GitHub - ColorlibHQ/shapely: Free multipurpose WordPress theme built using Bootstrap

OK I will do that. Isn’t it a bit weird that they are 2 different sites when you can report support questions?

I would like to add that on GitHub there seems to be little action? Several issues are unsolved and unanswered. Also issues from a long time ago? Can people depend on support there?

Good morning Harm10

Currently, we have a temporary problem and fixing this problem delayed, please consider this is absolutely free themes, free support and we are doing this for community and these problems are temporary we will fix them but yet I can’t say when exactly

I understand that supporting free themes does not have high priority and do not have a problem with that.
I was merely pointing out that there are open issues on GitHub that were reported last year!

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Yes, im constantly reporting them… I hope we will resolve this problem as soon as possible, unfortunately, I can’t do anything else right now

I have more issues to report and I would like them to be fixed in due time otherwise it is of no use to start using your theme for my live site.

And why are you replying with private replies?

I understand you, but As I said before at this moment we have a break in the update process, we will fix them but at this moment I can’t tell you when exactly